New York – Card Game

Kod EAN: 4010350614013
Minimalny wiek: 8 lat
Liczba graczy: 2 - 6
Czas gry: 45 - 60 min.
  Sugerowana cena detaliczna: 99.95 zł.

Oceń grę:

New York in the early 1930s – the city is in the middle of a con-struction boom. Skyscrapers are shooting out of the ground like mushrooms. As a player, you get involved in all the planning and building work as you help to create a fascinating metropolis.   This game is about acquiring stock interests in the various aspects of a large corporation. There are six different type of stock, which will reward the majority and sometimes the minority stockholders throughout the game. Stock is made available by drawing cards on a four-card queue. Each of the positions on the queue is a different stock market, which means there are four different currencies (Dollar, Euro, Ruble, Yen). The currency cards are drawn from another queue on the same board. A turn is quite simple – either take one of the four available currency cards or use some of your currency cards to purchase one of the available stocks. If you pay more than the amount indicated on the stock card, the excess is lost. However, if you purchase the stock for the exact printed price, then you can buy another stock, and so on. After two randomly distributed payouts, the game ends with a final payout with the final stock card. The player with the highest payout point total is the winner.