Memoir 44: Battles of Khalkin Gol

Kod EAN: 824968730027
Minimalny wiek: 8 lat
Liczba graczy: 2 - 8
Czas gry: 30 - 90 min.
  Sugerowana cena detaliczna: 109.95 zł.

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The Battles of Khalkhin-Gol is the first installment in the second series of Memoir ’44 Battle Maps. It offers a campaign of 6 standard scenarios that can be enhanced with the two pre-printed Breakthrough battles provided in this expansion.In May 1939, no one could have predicted that a minor boundary dispute between the Japanese and Soviet forces over the western border of Manchukuo would erupt into open war…take command of your men and fight for the defense of Mother Russia, or the honor of the Emperor!This expansion also features two new, large format, ready-to-play Overlord scenarios: The Khalkhin-Gol Encirclement and Cape Torokina Landings. These two Overlord scenarios provide hours of additional fun!The new Armored Cars and Te-Ke Tankettes are put to good use in all of these scenarios, providing tactical advantage to the players who learn how to use the full range of their capabilities.  To nie jest samodzielna gra. Musisz posiadać kopię Memoir ’44, Terrain Pack Expansion, Eastern Front Expansion oraz Pacific Theater Expansion. Equipment Pack Expansion oraz Winter Wars Expansion również się przydadzą! Instrukcja dostępna jest na stronie wydawcy –